Morning Star Acres East Coast Canada 
New Brunswick 

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Horse Behaviour Clinic

Saturday, June 10 at 10 AM - 5 PM

Fee to attend  $125/person

Many horse behaviours can cause injury to themselves or humans. Humans often use a lot of force and constrains to control horses. This can lead to an escalation of the horses behaviour and they become even more dangerous. This behaviour is fear based.
Applying learning theroy can make dealing with your horse so much more enjoyable and will greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the fear in your horse.

Training becomes easy for the horse resulting in lightness and an obedient, happy horse.
A Quicker Easier Way
Behaviours Addressed
Some of the many behaviours that can be addressed include
Trailer Loading 
Leading difficulties 
Tacking difficulties
Won't stand still for mounting
Desensitisation to needles, clippers, farrier
And more......

Clinic Agenda :
opics covered:
- Introduction to horse behaviour (learning theory/ how horses learn, how to create behaviour)
- Shaping – the answer to everything, how to shape a behaviour
- Equine body language
- Exploring welfare – the 3Fs, enrichment
- Field Study/Observation
Trailer loading

FEES : $125 per person - Book early. Reservation deposit required : Book your spot today : $50 deposit + Entire clinic can be paid in full.

Rain date June 11/2017

****CLINICIAN : Holly Bulman Heartz****

About Holly - Holly has spent her whole life around animals. She started riding horses at age 8 and was a Pony Club member. She continues to ride and train Gigi, her thoroughbred mare, as well as helping younger kids in Pony Club.

Holly has BSc (animal science), finishing her degree in equine scinece (Equine Guelph), studied natural hoof care (Equine Sciences Academy), and has taken masters courses in animal behaviour. She is a certified dog trainer and has attended many workshops and courses on behaviour modification.

She also has a BSc in foods and nutrition and a MS in exercise and sports scinece. For 18 years, she practiced as a sports and clinical dietitian . 

She is a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC) and is working towards becoming a certified horse behaviour consultant. 

Liberty Training Clinic

Clinician : Brittany Hudson

DATE:  June 24th 2017  10:00AM-5Pm

Please register early.

Learning about foundation work
On-line exercises.
 Setting a foundation for liberty
 Developing trust and respect first - on line
 Working without pressure and as one
 Creating hand/whip signals that have meaning
Theory and lightness exercises
 Lightness exercise
 Using whip for communication
 Learning key pressure points, lines of forward/backward movement
Working with a horse
 ENERGY - applying energy, different energies, difference in male/female energies
 Reading the horse
 Being aware of subtle cues - horse language.
 Vocalizations to create attention/energy/reward
 Eye contact
 Engaging the horse
 The importance of forward movement/energy
 Allowing the spirit of the individual horse to express itself
 The importance of pressure release and backing off
 Walking away
 How to end a session

Start time 10:00AM to 5:00PM
We will be having a lunch on site
Please advise of allergies

Bring your chairs

Booking in advance required. Deposit to hold your spot ( non refundable)

Clinic fee $50 per person.

***Rain date June 25th ***

Loaded Dice: Atlantic Canada’s Premiere Tribute To Danceable Classic Rock
The group contains exemplary musicians who have won multiple awards and are either founding members of, members of, and/or have performed with:
The Myles Goodwin Band (Myles Goodwin, founder of April Wine)
Dutch Mason
Glamour Puss
to name a few.
The front man/lead vocalist is endorsed by Gordon Lightfoot, acknowledged by the Jeff Healey estate and recognized by AC/DC.
Three members of this talented band are multi-instrumentalists.

A high-octane evening of the very best Canadian Gems and Billboard Chart Topping danceable classic rock hits of all time

$25/Person - Potluck - Bonfre - Dancing

Bring a chair- No dogs

NO DRUGS permitted on property. B.O.B ( bring your own booze)- no one permitted to leave property if seriously intoxicated.

Loads of fun. Come join us and celebrate our 10th year of existence.

Limited tickets available.Reserve your now.
Age Attendance 21+

Pamela Allen-LeBlanc, Agr., MBA

Hidden Brook Farm

May 2017     Animal Communication Clinic ( details to come )

Level 1  & Level 2  Horse CLinics ( details to come and dates to be announced)

Equine Massage Clinic

Clinician: Brittany Cameron

Sept 23rd ,2017

Details to be posted soon.