Morning Star Acres Inc. East Coast Canada New Brunswick  
Est.2007     Celebrating 10 years of existence. Many more to come.

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Clinician : Estelle Emond

Equi-Health Instructor

We will be offering Equine First Aid - Advanced Equine First Aid. 2 X 2 day clinics to be held in 2018. ON site at Morning Star Acres

569 Grangeville Rd  Harcourt NB

June 16  & 17  10am-5pm

Price : $159 per person /clinic

( 159 per person per day. Or if both day is 50$ off on total( so 159 +159 -50 =$268. )If a member of same family signs up its $129 per day.

Trails and Tales Horse Club Members save $5. Membership must be up to date and in hand on clinic day.

BBQ will be on site.

Bring a chair - pen and notepad

There will be demonstrations and on hand learning.

Something every horse owners needs.

There will be another clinic in September 22-23

Date to be announced in 2018

Beginner Learning clinic for cattle penning/sorting.

Clinician : Joseph Upshaw.

Details to follow.

Liberty Training Clinic

Clinician : Brittany Hudson

DATE: To be announced for 2018


Please register early.

Learning about foundation work
On-line exercises.
 Setting a foundation for liberty
 Developing trust and respect first - on line
 Working without pressure and as one
 Creating hand/whip signals that have meaning
Theory and lightness exercises
 Lightness exercise
 Using whip for communication
 Learning key pressure points, lines of forward/backward movement
Working with a horse
 ENERGY - applying energy, different energies, difference in male/female energies
 Reading the horse
 Being aware of subtle cues - horse language.
 Vocalizations to create attention/energy/reward
 Eye contact
 Engaging the horse
 The importance of forward movement/energy
 Allowing the spirit of the individual horse to express itself
 The importance of pressure release and backing off
 Walking away
 How to end a session

Start time 10:00AM to 5:00PM
We will be having a lunch on site
Please advise of allergies

Bring your chairs

Booking in advance required. Deposit to hold your spot ( non refundable)

Clinic fee $50 per person.

***Rain date June 25th ***

Equine Massage Clinic

Clinician: Brittany Cameron

Date to be determined.

Morning Star Acres Inc. Chase the ace  Fundraiser

Postponed for a later time in 2018

$2 single ticket or 
5 tickets for $5
10 tickets for $10
20 tickets for $20 
50 tickets for $50
100 tickets for $100