Morning Star Acres Inc. East Coast Canada New Brunswick  
Est.2007     Celebrating 10 years of existence. Many more to come.

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Morning Star Acres wants to thank everyone in advance for supporting our program and we want say special thankyou and congratulations to all the new families that have taken in a new retired Standardbred.

 We appreciate updates and certainly hope everyone keeps in touch.

 Without people like you we cannot continue to offer the service we do is Offering these horses life after the racetrack...

 We much appreciate all your feedback and referals.


Quotes Hi Gisele , Congrats on your 100th placement . Everything well here . Lyn and Pal;s previous trainer visited. He was really angry at Mark because they had made a condition that if Mark no longer wanted Pal ,he would contact them ,he was even madder when I told him I had paid for him as Pal was given to Mark on the above conditon. Lyn will visit again and will probably come out for a ride . The 3 boys are into their new winter routine,and I can now turn them all out together now the mares have finished flirting . Talker is calming down ,he is a great ride and seems not to be bothered by much. He and Drum are doing 4H this year . Drum was bucking on our ride yesterday ,until I realise he had put on so much weight his back cinch was rodeo style !! Cam is very laid back ,he is finally putting on weight ,I havent ridden him much because any sort of work and his weight fell off, but it seems to be sticking to his ribs now . will keep in touch . Jenny Quotes
Gorwill Family
The Boys X 3