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                 Available Standardbreds

 It will soon be a busy time of the year. Local racetracks are  going to be finishing up   for the 2017 season .There will be many horses that will not move on to the next level of racing and will be looking for new homes.
Some will not be fit or incur small injuries to stop or end their racing career but can be sound for riding horse....Certainly we can make a difference with giving them a second chance at a new career.

Please continue to visit this page as new horses will be added on a regular basis.

  We may be small but we are are making a difference.

There are always Standardbreds looking for new homes so be watching this page for future horses to be added.

Thank you to all of you who have made this possible. 

Summary :
 July - Dec 2007 :  17 horses
Jan-Dec 2008:   26 horses
Jan-Dec 2009 :   29 horses 

 Jan-Dec 2010  32 horses

Jan - Dec 2011:    29 horses

Jan-Dec 2012 :  14  horses

Jan-Dec 2013 : 13 horses

Jan-Dec 2014: 14 horses

Jan-Dec 2015: 18 horses

Jan-Dec 2016 : 12 horses

Jan- Dec 2017 :  10 horses

Are you looking to acquire and relocate a Standardbred?

Are you interested in using our service to relocate a Standardbred?

If you answered YES to either of the questions above please email us to receive a form to fill out and return to us ...Prompt reply within 24-48 hours.


Many email inquiries for Standardbreds  and other horses looking for new homes are piling in at a fast rate. We will make any and all attempts to relocate as many as we can...If you are seriously interested Please contact us immediately to start the approval process as many will need homes.. If you are emailing to inquire on our services and require assistance on finding a home for your Standardbred please advise us immediately as spaces are limited...

Please email us immediately so we can begin the relocation process....

** you must be approved in order to relocate/adopt and all horses relocated through us will have a NO resale/Breeding agreement signed **

[email protected]

Hot Dog arrived safely July 19,2017. He traveled from Ontario where he was saved from the meat truck. At the time he was a stallion and has since been gelded. He is quiet - calm and presently turned out with a pony gelding - mini mare and a goat with no issues.

Once settled in he will be assessed under saddle and training to determine if any training.

So far he backs up - leads well and is a sweetheart. Kind and loveable..

Today once settled in we brought out his future pasture mates with whom he is getting along nicely with...

HotDog is 12 hands - flea bitten grey we believe Welsh/Hackney possibly.. Not sticked but 12 hands would be a good size for a small child learning to ride or showing.

We will update this album as we go .

Up to date with farrier-worming and care.

Hotdog has now been worked in round pen - tacked up..responds by voice commands so someone has previously put work into him as he responds well.
Has had children around him and is very quiet to work with

Has accepted rider tacked and bareback

****AVAILABLE*** Aug 31,2017

Amber Gold

Amber is 9 years old. We believe she is a QH/App cross. She is not measured but approx. 14.2-14.3 hands. She has had her feet done every 6-8 weeks. She is broke to saddle but still considered green, she backs up, turns her haunches, can lunge or be worked freely in the round pen nicely both with line and without line, very quick to learn. She knows to lower her head when reins are picked up. She doesn’t mind being a leader or a follower when riding with others, as riding alone, she is ok, but you must keep her attention, or she will lose focus. .She can also be ridden and prefers bittless.

She has been previously on 24/7 turnout with access to the shelter 24/7 in a herd of 5 horses. In a herd, she is the middle horse.  She loves being groomed and also loves to be bathed. Generally loves the attention.
She is curious when working other horses in the obstacle course and will stand there and watch. Very curious and willing temperament. She does not bite, or kick, or crib. 

2015 Training :
Amber is a wonderful little horse and i believe that she has loads of potential, but for that to be accessed and developed she would need someone who can put the time into her and be able to be consistent. The temperaments that would be the most helpful when working with the public and giving lessons and teaching would be generally quiet and calm, the type of horse that anyone can work with. 

Amber is broke to saddle and performs very well and can also be ridden bareback.
To arrange a viewing or to discuss adopting Amber please contact us.
[email protected]
Adoption fee applicable and approved application must be in hand. Apply at email above.
Location: ON site at Morning Star Acres (Harcourt, NB) since May 9th 2015

Online photo album: ( since arrival at Morning Star Acres)

2017 Update:

Amber was adopted out and to no fault of her own is coming back to MSA.. She was a only horse and did fabulous. Was ridden on a regular basis.. Will be up to date with all care.

Tic Tac (Paint Gelding) born April 9th 2003. Tic Tac has been with Pete since the day he was born ( Arabian Gelding). Tic Tac was previously broke to saddle but is considered green and has not been ridden in awhile.. TicTac learns fast but needs reassurance. Takes time to settle in a new environment when other horses are present. He has been worked under saddle while at MSA and did well. Works well in round pen - has been tacked and had a rider on at an assisted walk. Tacks up no problem. Was in our obstacle course with no hesitation or refusal. Tic Tac was in an animal communication clinic June 10th and worked with clicker training. Has been in round pen and is learning to give to space and respect that space with handler and is working on seperation from the herd and is improving everyday. Tic Tac is presently in a foster home and being worked lightly. TicTac needs to find a home before winter.

Serious inquiries only. Adopting as Green |Broke or Companion.

Adoption application must be in hand with MSA

**** Will also consider adoption to the right home ****
work done to her but not saddled yet she is to come here spring 2018 for further training to saddle

Here is her info owner is I'll and cannot care for her anymore they want a really good home for her

We don't have room right now
We're full and have to move our adoptions and can only keep a limited number this winter

Sure. Star is 12 years old. She is a QH/Morgan cross. Is liberty trained. Has ferrier visits as needed by Mike Falkins. Has yearly examination from her Vet Carl. is in excellent condition. Like children, to be groomed, hesitant, spooky with certain things.
She is calm when not in heat (then she can be a handful). She will follow me anywhere but not everyone. She is black with one left hind foot that is white. Straight legs, strong neck. Lateral bends with ease. Gives backend easily. Respects humans space. Can be land tied for long periods of time when needed.
Prefers to have a choice as to the weather. From an early age we have called her that choice as recommended by Carl, her vet. Makes for a healthier horse. He says.



Shadow is a gorgeous 14 yr old gelding a star from his own track Northside Downs in North Sydney NS. Approx 16 hands tall he was retired as a legend of the track. Breaking track records to having a successful racing career. Memorial in his honor (link to be posted once available ) fr being such a great horse....

Shadow was retired and given to Morning Star Acres to assure we find him a new job and a new loving home.

At this time Shadow will learn to be a horse and once fully settled in will undergo training to saddle.

Below are some of the links leading to his career. More available...

Cooler presentation and official retirement announcement at North Side Downs (click link and go to 44:07…

Foaling Date: 05/15/2003
Sex: Gelding
Foaling Place:
Color: Brown
Tattoo: 4AM01 


Race Summary: Life: 249 starts

39 FIRST    27 SECOND    34 THIRD
EARNINGS $82,683


2009 Northside Downs June 20th Race 13

Raced against Lexus Bandito – Finish 1st


From Standardbred Canada website archives


This spring these 2 adorable mini stallions made their way to Morning Star Acres from Arthur Ontario. Bubbles (black) is a 5/6 year old stallion. He has a mild limp to his right front which will be examined further.Possible kick from another horse Not lame.He is great to work with .. He was at a sale in ON. Squeaks (White/Grey) is a 2 yr old stallion. Very quiet and easy to work with. You would not know he is a stallion. He is taller than Bubbles. Neither are measured at this time. They arrived safely after a long travel May 15,2017.

Since their arrival both have been gelded and are turn out together . At time of gelding vet determined Bubbles seems to have signs of dwarfism to his front leg nd teeth will need too be monitored. He can be companion only.

These 2 boys to no fault of their own are returning to MSA for rehoming.

Anyone interested should contact us
Serious inquiries only. Adoption fee applicable.


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