Morning Star Acres Inc. East Coast Canada New Brunswick  
Est.2007     Celebrating 10 years of existence. Many more to come.

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                 Available Standardbreds and other horses .

NEWS (  SPRING 2018 )
 It will soon be a busy time of the year. Local racetracks are  going to be starting up   for the 2018 season .There will be many horses that will not move on to the next level of racing and will be looking for new homes.
Some will not be fit or incur small injuries to stop or end their racing career but can be sound for riding horse....Certainly we can make a difference with giving them a second chance at a new career.

Please continue to visit this page as new horses will be added on a regular basis. There will all be many other breed of horses that will be coming out of winter thin - neglected and will need our help.

  We may be small but we are are making a difference. Accepting all breeds...  Big or small we will help them all. You will see a variety of horss available page for details and what horses are available.

There are always Standardbreds  and other horses looking for new homes so be watching this page for future horses to be added.

Thank you to all of you who have made this possible. 

Summary :
 July - Dec 2007 :  17 horses
Jan-Dec 2008:   26 horses
Jan-Dec 2009 :   29 horses 

 Jan-Dec 2010  32 horses

Jan - Dec 2011:    29 horses

Jan-Dec 2012 :  14  horses

Jan-Dec 2013 : 13 horses

Jan-Dec 2014: 14 horses

Jan-Dec 2015: 18 horses

Jan-Dec 2016 : 12 horses

Jan- Dec 2017 :  14 horses

Jan-Dec 2018 : 16 horses

Are you looking to acquire and relocate a Standardbred?

Are you interested in using our service to relocate a Standardbred?

If you answered YES to either of the questions above please email us to receive a form to fill out and return to us ...Prompt reply within 24-48 hours.


Many email inquiries for Standardbreds  and other horses looking for new homes are piling in at a fast rate. We will make any and all attempts to relocate as many as we can...If you are seriously interested Please contact us immediately to start the approval process as many will need homes.. If you are emailing to inquire on our services and require assistance on finding a home for your Standardbred please advise us immediately as spaces are limited...

Please email us immediately so we can begin the relocation process....

** you must be approved in order to relocate/adopt and all horses relocated through us will have a NO resale/Breeding agreement signed **

[email protected]

Pair of yearling ponies. Mothers are approximately 13.2 - Sire was QH(unknown)

Charlie and Thomas will be making their way this April 2018. Born and raised together.

Both mares were rescued from a bad situation. Looking to settle them in. Colt will need to be gelded. Both easy to work with and have a long life ahead of them. 

Would like to see them go to a home together as a pair of cart ponies.

UPDATE : Thomas has been gelded June 2018 and recovering- will be on pasture until end of summer/fall or until adopted together.

OUTTA NUTMEG (W5061, M) AKA"Nutters"


Foaling Date: 04/03/2000 Sex: Mare
Foaling Place: CAMPBELLVILLE ON Color: Bay

Markings: LEFT HIND ANKLE WHITE. Parent Verified: Yes

Nutters arrived at Morning Star Acres August 25/2015.

Nutters is fully retired from racing and is clean legged and sound.

She is a very stout and solid built mare.Nutters will be turned out with a variation of mares and geldings and is at this time doing very well.Nutters will be available for adoption as she progress to saddle training. Nutters has had people on her bareback.

Nutters understand the principle in the round pen and is a very smart and willing mare - stands well in cross ties- loves to be handled- picks up feet very nicely- loves the water- fly spray no problem and loves to be groomed. Nutters was introduced to our obstacle course and no hesitation at all. Nutters has been started under saddle. Accepts rider - saddle- bridle at a walk-trot-whoa. Accepts everything with ease. No fuss.

Nutters video

Located on site at Morning Star Acres
Approved homes only please.
Application must be in hand approved with MSA.
Anyone interested can send us an email
[email protected]

Adoption fee applicable..

**Update : June 2018 Nutters returned and is available for adoption - Adoptive home was no longer capable of taking care of her.

“Gismo” is an approx. 18 or 19 years old Clydesdale-Appaloosa-Mix. Gismo is approx. 16 hands .He was found by
another horseman in fall 2011 on a foodless “pasture”, no shelter and being skin and
bones only. He was accompanied by another horse in the same condition. He bought both horses and
brought them back to life over the winter. Following spring he put them on the internet for sale and we
bought “Gismo”.
He is a horse one can only dream of: attached, friendly, very well to be ridden, healthy, a sort of a gentle
bully with the other horse.  Presently located in Kent County. 

Owner needs to return to Germany and cannot take horses with him. A good home a must. This boy is gentle giant and is very polite  kind smart. 

Has been assessed by Morning Star Acres.

Serious inquiries only. 

“Cheyenne” +/- 20 years old, the gelding, as well as “Hailey”, the daughter suffer from laminitis since summer 2012. Cheyenne is approx. 14 hands.At times it was hell, but by keeping them away from fresh grass and
administer occasionally an affordable medication (Buzone Conc.) for a couple of days,
makes them going without much pain. Both handle this medication without any side effects.

Has been assessed by Morning Star Acres.
Serious inquiries only. Presently located in Kent County 

“Holly”, the mare, is free from laminitis, but has a hip problem, which only shows when
one is working the hind hooves (hoof trimming): she can't lift those legs much. Otherwise she's a happy
saddle pony without any other health issues. The doesn't need any almost human
behaviour. Holly is approx. 14 hands. Very stout and solid. To part from him will be the hardest to me.

All 3 ponies can't be ridden, but are friendly and patient with everybody. Kids can groom them endless.
They're used to dogs, cats and “Hamlet”, the sheep ram. The way I see it, they would fit very good in a
petting zoo or as “cool down buddies” to hyper horses. But because they're together for almost all of their
lives, it would be a horrendous thing to separate them.
Has been assessed by Morning Star Acres.
Serious inquiries only.

 “Hailey”, the daughter suffer from lamenitis since summer 2012. At times it was hell, but by keeping them away from fresh grass and administer occasionally an affordable medication (Buzone Conc.) for a couple of days,makes them going without much pain. Both handle this medication without any side effects. Hailey is approx. 14 hands. Located in Kent County.

Has been assessed by Morning Star Acres.
Serious inquiries only.

The ram was born in early July 2012, a day later abondened by its mother and got lost in cold, rainy
wheather on a nearby hobby farm. Found a day later with a terrible
pneumonia and malnourished, that hobby farmer did not know what to do with the lamb and brought it to
me, knowing that I'm very much in animals. I took the little one in, had it treated by a veterinarian (what
blew my almost non-existent budget even more into tatters), kept it in my house until the following spring,
bottle-fed the lamb 4 x a day, and my female dog adopted the lamb and treated it like a puppy (see encl. pictures). He does not require sheering. Just regular brushing which he loves.
Consequently the full size ram now believes he's a dog and partly he behaves this way
now. He is not just tame, he's friendly. After 9 months I took him out to the barn and since he lives there
with the horses, of which the pony gelding is his best friend now. Hamlet is friendly with everyone and everything. He goes easily along with my cats, dogs and horses. He will turn six this june. At the age of 2 I boarded him with the neighbour farmers sheep over the winter, and he went easily along with them, but didn't show any interest in the ewes. He doesn't show any agression torwards humans, after I told him some lessons during his adolescence. Since, no incident happened and he likes to be pet from head to tail.

Has been assessed by Morning Star Acres.
Serious inquiries only.