Morning Star Acres Inc. East Coast Canada New Brunswick  
Est.2007     Celebrating 12 years of existence. Many more to come.

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                 Available Horse for Sale / Adoption.

NEWS (  SUMMER/ FALL  2019 )
 It will soon be a busy time of the year.   There will all be many other breed of horses that will be coming out of winter thin - neglected and will need our help.

Please continue to visit this page as new horses will be added on a regular basis. 

  We may be small but we are are making a difference. Accepting all breeds...  Big or small we will help them all. You will see a variety of horss available page for details and what horses are available.

There are always Standardbreds  and other horses looking for new homes so be watching this page for future horses to be added.

Thank you to all of you who have made this possible. 

Summary :
 July - Dec 2007 :  17 horses
Jan-Dec 2008:   26 horses
Jan-Dec 2009 :   29 horses 

 Jan-Dec 2010  32 horses

Jan - Dec 2011:    29 horses

Jan-Dec 2012 :  14  horses

Jan-Dec 2013 : 13 horses

Jan-Dec 2014: 14 horses

Jan-Dec 2015: 18 horses

Jan-Dec 2016 : 12 horses

Jan- Dec 2017 :  14 horses

Jan-Dec 2018 : 16 horses

Jan - Dec 2019 :  6  horses

Are you looking to acquire or relocate a  horse ?

Are you interested in using our service to relocate a horse ?

If you answered YES to either of the questions above please email us to receive a form to fill out and return to us ...Prompt reply within 24-48 hours.


Many email inquiries for  horses looking for new homes are piling in at a fast rate. We will make any and all attempts to relocate as many as we can...If you are seriously interested Please contact us immediately to start the approval process as many will need homes.. If you are emailing to inquire on our services and require assistance on finding a home for your  horse /s please advise us immediately as spaces are limited...

Please email us immediately so we can begin the relocation process....

** you must be approved in order to relocate/adopt and all horses relocated through us will have a NO resale/Breeding agreement signed **

[email protected]