Morning Star Acres Inc. East Coast Canada New Brunswick  
Est.2007     Celebrating 12 years of existence. Many more to come.

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Adopt a fence post fundraiser. For each fence post your sponsor or adopt your name or your horses name will be honored by means of a wooden plaque.... Help us raise more funds for hay - vetting - farrier or anything a standardbred or rescue horse can need.

Paypal and email$transfer accepted
money order or certified cheque payable to Morning Star Acres

Not for profit # available upon request.

Please use script below when making your payment.

Name of Horse or Name of donator
# of posts sponsoring/adopting
Method of payment and amount $

Visit anyone of the following links to the site of choice to either donate or sponsor a horse in need. Every penny received goes directly to helping horses in need.

Hay-Farrier- Vetting- trailering-grain-bedding and so much more.

 "Rescue Me - Morning Star Acres" exclusively features horses from an amazing horse rescue,

 located right here in New Brunswick! Half of the profits from these prints will go to Morning Star Acres

 to help horses in need. Prints are $50 each (plus shipping) and are hand printed on quality acid free paper. 

Dimensions are 15x18". Thank you Gisele Gareipy for letting me use your beautiful photographs to create this print!

Artist  Caitlin Wilson

Moncton, NB