Morning Star Acres Inc. East Coast Canada New Brunswick  
Est.2007     Celebrating 12 years of existence. Many more to come.

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We are proud to announce that Morning Star Acres Inc. is  registered with Standardbred Canada as a non breeding - non racing facility. Any horse coming through our program will now need to sign over ownership and said ownership will be then transferred to MSA .

Official members -Morning Star Acres Inc. is 0B3010

As we celebrate 10 yrs of existence we are proud to make the media once again.

Aug 19,2017

Loaded Dice performed at our 10th anniversary celebration along with many others.

Click the link below to view pictures and videos of our celebration.


Morning Star Acres  CTV News at 5

Go to any of the links below to view Morning Star Acres in the news - Radio Canada Documentary and more.

Link to interview on CBC NB (196)

Go to 26.27

Radio Canada Semaine Verte Documentary

10 th Anniversary   2017 Cape Breton tour 
Visit our facebook page for more images and video footage 

Photo compliments of Tanya Ratchford and George Hachey.

Our goal after 10 years was to bring a Standardbred back to the racetrack but this time under saddle. 
Dusty lane Lass performed escorted on her home turf at Northside Downs.

Successfully adopted after her retirement into a loving home. Returning to the track supported by her previous owners and Morning Star Acres Representatives. 

Mission Accomplished as she was applauded and cheered on by family - friends- race owners - fans.

10 year Anniversary coolers were presented to 2 race owners by random draws that day.