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Est.2007     Celebrating 12 years of existence. Many more to come.

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 Jimmy's Equine Obstacle Course

We use this to help all breeds that come to us to desensitization of all kinds. Our obstacles simulate various things. We are always building on our existing obstacles to enhance and improve them. Be watching as this page shows and demonstrates each obstacle. The goal of the course itself acts as a guide and aid in developing trust with the horses to overcome certain fears and expose them to the various carefully built obstacles to scenarios they may encounter .  The design allows the handler to work with horse in hand and then under saddle.

Spring 2019 we lost our dear loving big hearted pony mascot Jimmy. We have named this obstacle course in his name so that many horses that come into our hands - help them to overcome the many obstacles like he had to during his life prior to coming to us.

Below is an oversight of the course itself along with an individual description of what each obstacle reflects.

Obstacle #1  - This obstacle was built to help horses be desensitized to items rubbing or touching their head to their shoulders.

Obstacle # 2 - This obstacle was built to help horses be desensitized from the shoulders to the knee area with rubbing or touching.

Obstacle # 3 -  This obstacle was built to help horses be desensitized from the knees to their feet all while covering all gaits from a walk to a trot to a stand still  with rubbing or touching.

Obstacle # 4 - The bridge was built to work as an aid for stepping over and walking on hard surfaces which often encountered such as the floor of a ramp or trailer.

Obstacle #5 - The tarp is to simulate walking over different textures and has a low area with a log to simulate water of a small stream on a trail for example but mostly to have a variety of distractions present for attention.

Obstacle #7 - The long tires. With rails along side for guidance it was designed to aid in having to step over large trees or logs at a walk or an instance to jump over when asked. Many horses are taught to wait if a handler is in hand to facilitate the asking to walk over.

Obstacle #6 -  This obstacle was built to help horses be desensitized from and getting used to elevation such as a small hill. It is enhanced and decorated with logs to aid in the stepping up and over and rails built to hug the horse through a straight path/ direction.

Obstacle # 8 -  The pond was designed to signify a pool of water with movable cat tails that move on windy days. It was not designed for horses to walk through but to encourage them to look down where they walk. Decorated with items that move in the wind and may simulate a swishing of branches on a mild windy day and also logs to step over .

Obstacle #9 - The Building is the center foal point of the course which is as an aid to walk through narrow paths. The main goal was for this to also be an aid to help with walking through - stopping - backing out of as when in a trailer. This building since being built has helped many hard loaders load easily.

Taking it to the woods : Morning Star Acres Challenge Trail Course

Fall/Winter 2019 to Fall 2020 will be bring a year or many new things. One of which will be a brand new obstacle course which will be an addition to our present course but this time all natural and over our 40 acres wooded area. Mixed in among'st a nice series of groomed trails will be all natural obstacles to keep your horse exercised mentally and challenged. We presently have other trails available and accessible but this one will be for all to enjoy. We have an area on the property which is open to where we will be building a corral and a open fire pit so that riders and horses can take a small break and relax all while cooking over an open for hot dogs or a meal. It is starting to be designed with an area that used to be hunted for bear along side a gravel pit area. Connecting trails cover the entire property. Something different and very peaceful atmosphere that any rider can take to give a full feeling of adventure.

This trail will be built with keeping in mind thinning out the growing trees and utilizing them to built the course.. First construction will begin by opening up the trails in order for us to mark areas and design accordingly which obstacle will be where. There will be various blocks across the trail that will be challenging and it will be built to concentrate on safety of the rider and the horse.

Here are a few examples of obstacles that will be found on the trails. Estimate completion in total for this course will be estimated  at 3 years.  It will be done sooner as long as we have helping hands to assist with the cutting of trees and building obstacles to grooming the trails.

Be watching this page and our facebook page for construction photographs and progress as we commence this large project.