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                Jimmy Bludini AKA"Jimmy"  Laid to rest April 8 2019

April 20,2012 acquired at age of 7/9 yrs – April 8 2019 at age of 16 yrs

Benefit Suppers will be yearly events  in loving memory of Jimmy BluHoudini AKA Jimmy

Please donate towards  Jimmy’s Wish Memorial Fund. Jimmy would be honored to see donations and support for helping more horses or ponies like him.

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Rescuing is never easy and one has to be strong and tough to do it. As I remember what mostly got me to save more horses was the story of Jimmy the blind pony. Jimmy was spotted as an add posted on Kijiji that a Facebook viewer cross posted to get him out of a bad situation. Gisele from Morning Star Acres responded immediately. Posted for FREE and needs to be moved ASAP were the headlines of the add. After contacting the owner and requesting more pictures it was URGENT that he be moved right away to get the care he required.

Jimmy was severely emaciated -Blind and without proper care. Trailering was arranged and he arrived safely at Morning Star Acres April 20th 2012. 7 year old paint pony starved, deathly and anemic.-but broke to ride . Loves to be lead around and fussed over by children of all ages. Jimmy was to undergo a long recovery.

Now began the search to previous history /owners to see if we could get anything to where he came from.

And then there was an UPDATE:

He had been purchased and broke to saddle by well know trainer in NB in 2008. H was a stallion at the time and would be gelded. He was purchased them from the Minto NB Area.

2010 Jimmy was a school pony at a local Summer Riding Camp. ( Hampton Bible Camp)

Was resold as a companion/ child's pony for a large family with 8 kids.

Jimmy had full sight at age 4 up until possibly at the time we acquired him 2 yrs ago. Blindness to right eye was caused by injury/trauma from a kick from another horse and left eye was an infection left untreated. Totally blind with no vision at all.

Although blind he was very trusting of the person leading him and will be a great addition to our family.** More history on Cruelty and neglect almost made this boy not be alive.... The family that had him advised us they gave him hay when they saw he did not have any which was whenever they were around...could be weeks in between bales. His shelter never cleaned.

We worked hard during his rescue and brought him back to life as he had a rough life and it was all human to blame.. Jimmy became a strong tough hearted pony......Monitored by our vet closely every step of the way. He was later a couple of years ago with cushings and meds were on board but he soon figured things out and knew there was a tiny pill in his feed. We shaved him 2 springs and used MTG..Surprisingly enough his coat came in nice and the last 2 years we have not had to shave him. All was good. 2 years ago we had to monitor one of his eyes as it was sinking into his skull and while we monitored it knew at some point we would have to remove it... Well this winter he started a bad cough and a condition similar to heaves was diagnosed....We monitored him again... Now with cushings they can become diabetic and have so many other underlining health issues that can develop....

I was going to do everything within my power to keep him happy.....and comfortable.. Jimmy was to me that pony you could talk to ..cuddle with.... hug and an inspiration for what I do. He was our Mascot. Proof to show people what rescuing can be like. Well now comes spring and we started to notice weight loss and loss of appetite leading me to think that time has come...He is not the pony he used to be and it breaks my heart to have to let him go.. He meant the world to me....... I can’t say enough about how this pony impacted my life and how Morning Star Acres visitors and team bonded with such a good pony who had so much to offer..... As i wrote this I am awaiting a call from the vet to have him laid to rest today before the storm...I can’t bare letting him continue the way he is with his health deteriorating in front of me....April 7,2019 : even though he can see came to me with a special glare and I think he was saying it was time...... If you have any stories to say of this fine pony please share in his memory..... Remembering how many times he saved me and gave me the strength to keep doing what I am doing. 8 years of keeping you happy and comfortable. I have dreaded this day and pushed it behind me for so long hoping it would never happen.. BUT it is time.. I was not emotionally ready to let this boy go..... It was going to be so hard..... Please send him well wishes by sharing memories from now until he passes over to rainbow bridge......


This was a difficult day for many.......He will be missed...Trips to the barn will never be the same.

*** We have all decided that there will be a  supper benefit fundraiser will be a yearly celebration to Jimmy. ***

Jimmy left with him a legacy to continue helping horses of all breeds like him who needed us ...Every year at his yearly benefit supper event we will hang a banner in his honor. 

Writtten by : Gisele Hudson.

Jimmy's Wish Memorial Fund

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In Jimmy's honor we have ordered and received on site a monument created by chainsaw of him that will sit at the entrance of our obstacle course. Also with him a poster dedicating the obstacle course as Jimmy's.

A big thank you to Matt Langille of Truro,Nova Scotia  of Truly Canadian Chainsaw Carvings

He can be followed on facebook.