Morning Star Acres Inc. East Coast Canada New Brunswick  
Est.2007     Celebrating 10 years of existence. Many more to come.

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                           Jimmy Bludini AKA"Jimmy"

Welcome Jimmy 

Jimmy's Story:

Jimmy was spotted as an add posted on Kijiji that a Facebook viewer cross posted to get him out of a bad situation. Gisele from Morning Star Acres responded immediately.

Posted for FREE and needs to be moved ASAP were the headlines of the add.

After contacting the owner and requesting more pictures it was URGENT that he be moved right away to get the care he required.

Jimmy was severely emaciated -Blind and without proper care.

Pictured above is Jimmy when he arrived April 20th.

Arrived safely at Morning Star Acres April 20th 2012. 7 year old paint pony(***recently now confirmed 7 YRS Old) - broke to ride.Loves to be lead around and fussed over by children of all ages. Jimmy was to undergo a long recovery. Now began the search to previous history /owners to see if we could get anything to where he came from.Although blind he is very trusting of the person leading him and will be a great addition to our family.** More history on him and his condition to be posted** 


Purchased and broke to saddle by well know trainer in NB in 2008

2010 Jimmy was a school pony at a  local Summer Riding Camp.

Was resold as a companion/childs pony for a large family.

Jimmy had full sight at age 4 up until possibly 2 yrs ago. Blindness to right eye was caused by injury/trauma  and left eye is cataracts.Totally blind with no vision at all.

Jimmy since he has arrived has loved and adored children from all ages 2 and up fussing over him.He will cautiously walk to find a small friend when voices are heard. He has lived with and adapted well to his blindness and is considered very calm - quiet - not spooky and very trusting of his surroundings.

Jimmy is recovering nicely. At arrival weighed in at 440LBS and as of March 2014  has attained a nice comfortable weight of 620LBS . Jimmy has had full vet exam - worming and farrier .He is a permanent resident here and is loved by all.

His tack is on hand and he will be  used as a therapy pony for trouble youth and birthday parties.

***Spring/Summer 2014- Jimmy was diagnosed as having cushings disease. He is on medication for life and will need to be shaved every spring. Our goal is to keep him happy and comfortable*****