Morning Star Acres Inc. East Coast Canada New Brunswick  
Est.2007     Celebrating 12 years of existence. Many more to come.

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On this page we will be posting upcoming horses to arrive at Morning Star Acres. Whether to be rehomed - rehabilitated or retrained their details will be posted. Once arrived we will assess them and then determine whether they need which care or retraining.

Be watching our available horses page to view them when they become available.

If you have a horse you are wanting to send us please email us    [email protected]


Alex & Mommas Journey

Please meet Alex and Momma. Both had previously neglected care to their hooves. A neighbor removed them from their location and cared for them until now. Both have been together since they were foals. Although they are in excellent body condition they will need farrier care and I know we can what's best for.both of them since we have aged them at 6 yrs old. Alex the buckskin gelding is blind / cataracts which we will follow up with as history states it can be fixed surgically. But to start we will be starting them on Prime Hemp oil and foundation blends help get nutrients to their hooves to prepare them for their route to recovery. Momma as she is know by is the white mane little mare. She is extremely shy but when we went to see her today I stroked her with a very kind hand and she eventually let me softened her to halter. Her caretaker was so surprised on what was accomplished in such a small time frame and especially with us being strangers. Our minis Timbit and Melody have been relocated to another paddock so we can give these 2 all the time they need to settle in with us. Later on we will introduce them all as a group. The paddock was striped of any manure and shelters bedded with 4 inches of woodchips to give them a chance to lay down. 
UPDATE : Both Momma and Alex have had their first  of many farrier visits.  Follow their story and watch their journey with us on facebook.

The Sue Connection (ZT048, G)

A Stud named Sue  - Runrunrunaway - Run the table

General Information :

Foaling Date : 6/25/2002

Sex:  Gelding

Foaling PLace : Havelock , ON

Color :  Bay 

Freezebrand  :  ZT048

Markings  : No white markings

He was graciously offered to us via his owners Kayla & Walter Walker . We are very happy to add this boy and to refresh his saddle training to add him to our rideable horses for many trails rides to come. Sue holds a special place in his owners hearts. That being said , Sue will not available for adoption as  he is promised a retirement home here until the end of his journey. This horse stands proud and I know he will do so for us as well..