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Relocation Success

Welcome to our relocation page. Here you shall view some of the

horses placed through Morning Star Acres Relocation Program.

We want to thank everyone for the care and interest given to these ex-racers and to the owners for allowing us to offer assistance in placing them in these loving homes.Best of Luck with your new horses.This page will be updated regularly so be sure to bookmark us and visit again soon. Thank you to everyone who adopted over the years whether a Standardbred or any other breed that has come through our program.

**Just some of the adopted ones in their new careers..**

Successful Relocations:

Summary :
 July - Dec 2007 :  17 horses
Jan-Dec 2008:   26 horses
Jan-Dec 2009 :   29 horses 

 Jan-Dec 2010  32 horses

Jan - Dec 2011:    29 horses

Jan-Dec 2012 :  14  horses

Jan-Dec 2013 : 13 horses

Jan-Dec 2014: 14 horses

Jan-Dec 2015: 18 horses

Jan-Dec 2016 : 12 horses

Jan- Dec 2017 :  14 horses

Jan-Dec 2018 :  18 horses

Jan - Dec 2019 :     horses

Horses listed below were either relocated by us OR advertised with our program

Head Clocker ( TB gelding)

Belnans Elegant

Honey Brown (Kentucky Mountain Horse)

Jackson County

Rusty (Quarter Horse)

TimBit  ( dwarf miniature)

Muzzy's Mud Puddle   AKA Puddles

Shylo & Dudley ( miniature)

Snickerdoodle AKA Cookie

Peanut ( Miniature mare )

Shaka (Iberian Warmblood)

Wee Whiskey ( Palomino AQHA colt)

Smores and Ewalk (mini geldings)

TicTac ( Paint Gelding)

Gift of Gab

Melody ( mini mare)

Merlin and Buttercup ( mini foals)

Amber Gold  ( Palomino appy)

Hotdog  (pony)

Cocagne Easter

Princess  TB mare

Bubbles & Sqeaks ( mini geldings) X2

Rusty  (Quarter Horse)

Roccos Cavallo ( come back/rescue)

Gaze Upon a Star

Paint Gelding Dylan

Gift of Gab

Harry Bludini

Gaze Upon a Star


Room Full of Roses

Cocagne Easter

QH Gelding Rusty

Lexus Bandito

Arcane Kris

Eloquent Desire AKA Marty

Inside Scoop

Dusty Lane Lass

Cherry ( miniature)

Paint gelding Dylan 

Amber Gold ( new home)

Outta Nutmeg

March Past AKA Patsy ( 2nd relocation)

All Systems Go  AKA Bart
Camco Lueann  AKA Lueann



Eloquent Desire AKA Marty

Appaloosa gelding Champ ( to MSA)

Dillons Peek a Boo AKA BOO (APHA)


Amber Gold


Tooles Prophet (3rd relocation)

Longworth Legacy ( 2nd relocation)

Cam N Conquered ( Cam 4th relocation)

Make Sail


Stars Xample

March Past AKA Patsy

Cruisinart AKA Artie

M S Shania

Longworth Legacy

Cam N Conquered ( Cam 3rd relocation)

Tall Peter

U Smooth Talker U

Sir Lucks Charm

Kubik Velocity

Gena And

Sudden Force


U Smooth Talker U

Gift of Gab 

PH Supermodel AKA Tyra 


Reddy or Not AKA "Red"

Dropdead Beautiful

CAM N CONQUERED  (Cam - 2nd relocation)

Casimir Eclipse ( Lily)

Ditchemsdreamachin ( Ditchem)

Kubik Victory ( 2nd relocation)

Butterbee(Arab/QH Palomino)

Island ZAP ( Second time)

Miss Jessica Hayes

Final Drop AKA Chance ( second time)

Angel's Belle ( second time)

McDreamy McSteamy ( second time)



Awesome Bert ( second time by other means)

Wild Card Ace

Kubik Victory to Morning Star Acres

Kubik Velocity ( 2nd time through our program)

Final Drop AKA (Morning Star Acres CHANCE)

Harry BluDini 2011

Awesome Bert 2011

Magnetic Benka

Smooth Sammy G

Angel's Belle

 Dunmore Hustle

Casimir Groovy

Island Zap

 Lucky Alberta "Bertie"

PORTHILL ELLIE  (By other means)

Lucky Paradise

Grand Flare  "Collina " (MSPHA)

Harmonica T (Congrats to Barry Folland)

Country Cam (SOLD as Broodmare)

Tall Peter to Morning Star Acres

SF Kane

Life Patrol


Real Kash AKA Moose

Sir Lucks Charm

Donna Loves Me

Circlre the Winner

Mc Dreamy McSteamy

Just a Reminder AKA " Sinbad"

Kubik Velocity

Kilkerran Nedda

Kilkerran Jura

Kilkerran Needa COLT - (Cadmus)

My Jammies 

 TJ's Clown


Indian Victory (VIC)

 Just a Reminder

 Harry BluDini  &  Kubik Victory


U Smooth Talker You

Future Secret  AKA " Buffalo

Charlotte's Pal (Drummer) 

You Smooth Talker You

 Can M Conquered

Sweet September"aka PRANCER"

  Paragon Of Virtue


 Life Patrol

First Flight

 Northern Light

 Landfair Anna

 Georgia En My Mind (2ER309, M)

Tooles Terror

Kilkerran Winona(ZR5605, M)

Kilkerran Que(RG5326, M) -R.I.P March 2010

Cowboys Dont Lie AKA SLIM

Tooles Prophet  aka TUBA & Zap

Kilkerran Ula ( WC9070,M) GENA AND (2DL659,M)


Kilkerran Zephyr (5CS267, H)

Kilkerran Gem (E73428, M)

Kilkerran Ailsa (7DP899, M)

Kilkerran Beau (2007)

BJ Starlite - AKA Dolly


 Campress AKA CAM - Grey Gelding

Kubik Velocity (2BS315, M)

Justa Leader

Room Full of Roses


No Nonsense Now


Longshot Shane

Tooles Prophet

Yanni Hanover

And so Many more.......

If you have relocated a Standardbred through us and would love to their names on our list please email us.