Morning Star Acres Inc. East Coast Canada New Brunswick  
Est.2007     Celebrating 10 years of existence. Many more to come.

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                        Who is Morning Star Acres ?

The people of Morning Star Acres are a group of individuals who work hard in educating the public that Standardbreds can be retrained and have a new career in life after they retire. Most of these horses end up going for slaughter as some owners feel they are not worthy or the expense to re-home them is a burden to them.The team of Morning Star Acres consists of a variety of people who make the Standardbred a highly re-trainable horse in many disciplines and are horse and no horse owners with a goal set to re-home as many horses as possible into new homes. When visiting Morning Star Acres you will have the opportunity to come together with them in their journeys and meet them personally.  Here are some of the people you will meet when you visit.

Our Directors:
 Gisele Hudson ( Owner/Founder)
Karen Mullen ( Director - Caretaker- Volunteer)

Paul Mullen​ ( Director-Volunteer exerciser - training)

Volunteers : ( More to be added)

Vanessa Greenwood - Staff - Volunteer- exerciser

Alison Dugdale​ and James Pugh​   Volunteers / Adoptees

Madeline Ohlhauser - Volunteer exerciser - training

So many more... Anyone is able to come volunteer.  We are always looking for reliability and will to help horses in need.

Other people who you may see or hear of at Morning Star Acres:

Raymond H. - Farm Equipment , hay and more

Joseph Upshaw-Farrier

Jessica Harvey - Veterinarian

Provincial Veterinarian Office in Moncton

There are many more people who volunteer also throughout the year with the horses or task that need done to maintain a safe haven for the horses.

Without all of you, this could not be done..  Many Thanks to all involved.

Morning Star Acres also has available a McBride Warm blood made 2 horse trailer to accommodate being able to acquire horses that need help immediately.